The Clear Signs of the Quran Vol 1 & 2 Set

The Clear Signs of the Quran Vol 1 & 2 Set

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The Clear Signs of the Quran in the ‘Physical Universe’ (35 Chapters)
1. The universe’s signs within the Quran are unveiled using scientific observations, reasoning, and historically verifiable events.
2. About 750 verses out of 6,236 – more than a tenth of the Quran encourages readers to reflect on nature and pursue scientific inquiry towards truth.
3. This book resolves matters where science is silent in the doctrine of “creation from nothing” and presents modern scientific explanations.
4. The Clear Signs of the Quran focuses on scientific facts such as the universe’s birth, the intelligence of bees, human embryology, the relativity of time and space, the extraterrestrial origin of iron, and many more.
5. The mathematical proof of the Quran's unaltered text in its original form is proven through modern scientific methods and its unique compositional and structural coherence.
The Clear Signs of the Quran in the ‘Social & Ethical Universe’ by the Practices of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ (20 Chapters)
6. Learn how the Quran promotes fair, just, and moderate nations, prohibits extremism, and encourages justice, even if against self-interest. Universal human rights are enshrined in the Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.
7. Read the Quranic paradigm of democratic principles and charter of rights based on justice and equality, including protecting femininity, women's rights, and female privileges.
8. Understand the ethics of warfare, which challenge the claims of Islamic aggressiveness, and how the greater jihad is to conquer the evil within.
Correcting Misbeliefs and Clarifying Stereotypes (21 Chapters)
9. Misbeliefs about Islam and current geopolitical challenges are corrected, advocating that Islam is a religion of peace and that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sent as a mercy for all humanity.
10. The stereotype that Muslims are violent, oppress women, and are primitive is disproven. 


1. Learn about Jewish, Christian, and Islamic landmarks, briefly showcasing thousands of years of human history through evidence-based sources.
2. This book promotes interfaith studies of the three Abrahamic religions by presenting the genealogy of prophets, the similarities and differences in 30 attributes between the faiths, and showing that quarrels between the religions are not due to a ‘clash of civilizations’ but rather a ‘clash of ignorance.’
3. Uncover the narrative of humanity’s prophets, from the first man, Adam, to the last and final prophet, Muhammad ﷺ. Learn about their families, companions, places of stay, travel routes, essential landmarks, significant events, and their final resting places.
4. Study the brief story of Prophet Noah (Nuh), the Ark, and the Great Flood. The argument that the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark are myths is deconstructed using scientific carbon-dating evidence of petrified coral.
5. See satellite images that capture the fallout of the destructive windstorm in the Rub’ al Khali desert that may have destroyed the people of Ad at the time of Prophet Hud, as stated in the Quran.
6. Learn about the significance of Islam’s holiest locations, the Kaaba and Masjid An-Nabawi, as well as the rites of Hajj.
7. A summary of the modern Palestine-Israel conflict presents readers with a nuanced understanding of one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century, including its origins and history.
8. Learn the story of the most-traveled and most-mentioned prophet in the Quran, Prophet Moses (Musa), who overcame his trials and confronted the mightiest power of his time, Pharaoh, and won single-handedly.
9. The Islamic narrative of Jesus (Isa) is presented in detail.
10. The life of the last messenger, Prophet Muhammed ﷺ, is presented with stories of his companions
and family.